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Extra Thickness 5-Level  Anti-Cutting Breathable Gloves

Extra Thickness 5-Level Anti-Cutting Breathable Gloves

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Always running for a band-aid every time you work with sharp knives? Statistics show that hand injuries make up 30% of all emergency room visits. With our comfortable, hi-tech protective gloves you will no longer worry about accidental boo-boos!  Dexterity and flexibility are so important when working with sharp tools but stiff leather or mesh stainless steel gloves can seriously hamper performance. The innovative cut resistant fibers that comprise Kaffyad gloves are much lighter yet many more times stronger than leather. These unique ergonomically engineered gloves protect your hands from cuts without compromising precision, dexterity or comfort. 

  • Materials: high-strength polyethylene fibres and stainless steel wire. Lightweight breathable fiber construction is durable and resist cuts from even the sharpest blades.
  • Size:middle finger is 3.25",total glove length is 9.5",width of the palm is 4.25" unstretched. snug fitting and flexible allowing for maximum manual dexterity.
  • Right and left reversible wearing,Flexible wrist strap,suit for any size wrist and be comfortable
  • Meet standard EN388,level 5 cut resistance standard,protecting your hands from scrapes and cuts. protects your hands from sharp knives, peelers, graters and zesters, cut resistant gloves are made to endure the sharp edged blades while you are slashing and dashing your way to a glorious meal in the kitchen.
  • Work gloves for other trades - Food Preparation, Filleting Fish, Wood Carving, Whittling, Hobbies and Crafts, cutting, slicing, peeling, and grating in the kitchen, oyster shucking, carpentry, and so much more... 


Brand Name: Safurance
Classification: Working Gloves
Model Number: 285
Material: nylon
Size: one size
Color: black
Anti-cutting level: 5
Tear resistance level: 4
Function: Anti-cutting, Wearproof, Acid and alkali resistance, Anti-microwave, Anti-static

Note: We have tested the gloves in most of countries about the size, please check detailed size and picture 5 to compare, we promise it is suitable for the majority of people 

About wash:The gloves are available for all regular cleaning method no special requirements, it should be stored in dry ventilated place when not in use. 

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